How to Play Slingo Rainbow Riches

Slingo Rainbow Riches


Slingo Rainbow Riches is one of the best Rainbow Riches slot games out there that are seeking something new when it comes to concepts and mechanics. One of the best things Slingo Rainbow Riches has to offer is the Slingo Mechanics that constantly immerses its players as they track their winning progress. 

What is Slingo Rainbow Riches

Slingo Rainbow Riches is one of the most popular game installments of the Rainbow Riches slot game series. Slingo is a portmanteau of “Slots” and “Bingo”. As the name suggests, the game mixes two entirely different games into one. What makes this game interesting is that it is not only based on luck entirely but also requires a strategic mind when taking risks and winning your well-deserved prizes. 

How to Play

Seeing the Slingo game for the first time might overwhelm the players since multiple things are going on despite it being a slot game. However, that is not the case because as long as you understand the basic rules and mechanics, you are good to play until you play with real money. And without further ado, here is some information you need to play Slingo Rainbow Riches. 

Firstly, it is recommended that you play the free/demo mode first to understand the basics. As you start the game, choose any amount of bet available in the game before you begin to spin. When the game starts, you are awarded 10 balls to use in the 5×5 on the reels. The objective is simple. There is a set of 25 different numbers in a 5×5 grid. During each spin, a random number will appear, and if that number matches any of the numbers in the grid, it will automatically fill it out. Spin and spin until you eventually make a pattern of eliminated numbers. The patterns could be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. The rules are similar to a typical bingo game. 

Bonuses and Symbols Information

The longer you play, the more bonuses you can achieve and unlock. There are multiple “Slingos”(full patterns of eliminated numbers) counting from 1 to 10 Slingos. When you start making 5 Slingos, you will unlock the first game’s bonus threshold.  

5 Slingos – Wishing Well Bonus: The wishing well bonus is where you choose one out of three wishing wells. Each of the wishing wells gives you a random instant prize multiplier. 

6 Slingos – Cash Crop Bonus: If you achieve this bonus, there are a total of 50 coins in the game screen that will appear. These coins reward you with an instant prize multiplier. 

7 Slingos – Magic Toadstool Bonus: Three mushrooms will appear on the screen when you activate this bonus. Each of the mushrooms has a corresponding instant multiplier prize. Unlike the wishing well bonus, this one has a chance to have a fairy that will assist you by revealing what are the multiplier prizes hidden inside the mushroom

8 Slingos – Magic Toadstool Red Bonus: Basically the same as Magic Toadstool Bonus but the prizes are significantly increased here. 

9 Slingos – Road to Riches Bonus: An engaging mini-game where you play the leprechaun taking on the road. The mini-slot dictates your steps in the road and has a bonus that increases the more steps you make with the mini-slot. And if ever you reach the end of the road, you will win the 500x stake in a form of a pot. 

10 Slingos – Road to Riches Red Bonus: Same with Road to Riches Bonus but the end of the road rewards you 1000x stake. 

Tips and Tricks 

  1. Consider which numbers to mark off so you can achieve the ideal and best patterns. Achieving them will speed up your progress in winning slingos. 
  1. The rules and features might vary depending on which version of the game you are playing. Consider reading the instructions first since there might be some slight changes. But worry not when it comes to the mechanics and concept since they are always the same. 
  1. Learn when to decide on risking big bets and when to use special symbols to fully monopolize the winning impact. You can always practice it in the demo mode. 


Are free spins available in this game?

Yes, there is a free spins bonus here but in the form of additional extra balls. 

What is the biggest possible prize in this game?

The highest possible prize you can win here is 1000x your stake. Count your current stake and multiply it by 1,000. 

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